Epic Cycling on Ice

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Epic Cycling on Ice

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Michael Grisham
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Re: Epic Cycling on Ice

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Alternatively, you could buy studded tires, slap them on your wheels and off you go.

The video would be less epic, though. Studded wheels look almost like regulars. These tires work well on ice but also get you going on dry streets and through moderate snow.

Studded tires come in different grades with different numbers of studs per wheel. The more studs the better the grip on the ice, but also the more friction on asphalt. Some companies manged to produce more reliable studs than others. I'd recommend Nokian as their studs are known to rarely fall off. I own a pair of Nokian Extremes with 294 studs per tire. This is certainly more than necessary. They work amazingly well on plain ice. You could almost forget that you are riding a slippery surface. I actually fall flat on my belly at the end of a ride across a frozen lake -- just did not consider that my shoes had no studs and slipped away unexpectedly.
Kai-Martin Knaak
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