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Magentabluesky wrote: ...

Well, Bille, it looks like Nevada's is going to be final state to determine the outcome of the election.

Either way the election goes ; i'm prepared, to deal with it. I'm
not prepared for the cold weather that's about to hit Las Vegas
though, (it was a Hot and Long summer).

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A lot of blue states shining for Biden. GA, PA, NV,

Meanwhile the Covid virus has mutated in Denmark and another vaccine could be needed to fight it. ... 3743fc3edb
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This quote copied from a you-tube comment sums up the feelings of many world-wide,

" As a Canadian, it restores my faith to see the American people say "No more. That is not who we are". I live 11 miles from the US and have shared the pain of our American friends over recent times with a heavy heart. I could not believe the sense of relief I experienced when reading the news this morning. Character and respect matter both north and south of the border. Best of luck on your path forward America!"

Educate your kids properly and "she'll be right"...
We are all in the gutter,but some of us are looking at the stars. MT.

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