Air Force/flying cars

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Air Force/flying cars

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The Air Force is seeking to stimulate the development of these aircraft by working with inventors & companies w/in the private sector. ... -soon.html
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A drone with 4 wheels? I love all this stuff but…

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...until "they" make a damn near bomb proof flying car (and by that I mean a vehicle with auto pilot/ collision avoidance systems and most certainly, automatic save-my-dumb-ass equipment options) Dare I say "It won' t fly"? Well, it will never be profitable on any useful scale. I could see the mega-rich keeping this type of vehicle afloat if it can made safe, easy, and fun. Sort of a high cost mobility vehicle/air-cab with a few gotchas...

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they are lying

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The WPAB took the roswell crash wreckage according to Cl Corso.

They have heaps of advanced technology on HV Ion drive etc for delta wings etc.

We need to design and build our own systems for clean propulsion and do it on the down low.

The B52 uses ion propulsion its a delta wing why don't they share the technology with us..
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