Yosemite Hang Gliding Association 2016

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Yosemite Hang Gliding Association 2016

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The 2016 Yosemite hang-gliding season is almost upon us - opening weekend is June 3rd through 6th and the calendar is already full for that weekend.

If Yosemite is on your bucket list of places to fly in 2016, let us know a date when you would like to fly, and we'll do what we can to have a monitor available to safely get you off "The Rock".

We are currently working on a new website, and hopefully a sign-up system that is more user-friendly.

In the meantime, contact us directly if you'd like to get on the summer calendar - our flying season is June through September each year

You must be a H4 and have a monitor present with all flight activity.

Fly safe!

Christopher Valley
President - Yosemite Hang Gliding Association
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Monitors Available

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We now have monitors signed up for the following dates this summer:

June 11th & 12th
June 18th & 19th
July 9th & 10th
July 15th through 18th
July 30th & 31st
September 15th through 18th
September 24th & 25th

More dates will be announced as monitors make themselves available.

To sign up and fly Yosemite, please contact me via the information provided above and I'll get you on the calendar.


Chris Valley
President - YHGA
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YHGA's New Website

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Here's a link to the Yosemite Hang Gliding Association's new website: http://www.yosemitehg.org

We'll be tweaking and adding to the site later - the pilot sign-up and calendar should be more user friendly than before.


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