Woodrat Mountain Hunter LZ Closure

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Woodrat Mountain Hunter LZ Closure

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Oz Pilots,

Today we were informed by the owner of the Hunter LZ that Woodrat's most sensitive LZ is closed until May 1st, 2014.

Tim Hunter is concerned about his young calves after an incident at the LZ this weekend. RVHPA President Forrest Brault has asked that all regoional Clubs and pilots be notified and made aware of the seriousness of a failure to heed this closure.

If anybody is observed landing on Hunter's property it will be reported to the sheriff's department as trespassing. Additionally the pilot may be subject to expulsion from RVHPA and further flying privileges at Woodrat Mountain as determined by the club.

The Hunter Landing Zone is closed until May 1st or further notice.

HG pilots who wish to fly Woodrat Mountain are still welcome to land at Fiasco Winery LZ or Longsword LZ.

However, HG or PG pilots who think they can launch and safely land elsewhere, but find themselves bailing out at the Hunter LZ will be subjected to the above actions: A report to law enforcement and subjection to sanctions by RVHPA.

I am very sorry to pass this information on to pilots who are not responsible for the event that has caused this closure.

I looks like I wlll give more thought to flying Oceanside, Cliffside, Petersons Butte or another amazing expedition to Mattole with my paragliding and hang gliding buddies from the NW!


Dave Palmer
Fiasco Winery LZ owner