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New Tow Site in Central MA - Hangglide New England

Posted: Mon, Jun 25 2012, 09:26:06 pm
by HangglideNewEngland
Hey guys!!

Rhett Radford has opened a new site, Hangglide New England, operating out of Tanner-Hiller Airport in New Braintree MA.

He is offering Tandems, Aerotow Training, and individual tows for experienced pilots.

More info can be found on the website at or better yet, find us on facebook at Hangglide New England.

Our Email is, and Rhett can be reached at (603)690-5200

The site is huge, and the views (and lift!) are spectacular with the Quabbin reservoir nearby. Plus, with Rhett flying the Tug, you know you'll get a good tow

Hope you help spread the word, or better yet - Come fly with us!!