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Mt. Nebo for Advanced Novice Hang glider pilots

Posted: Wed, Sep 14 2011, 04:24:46 pm
by Teachtofly
Advanced Novice Hang glider Pilots need your help gaining access to the best and safest mountain launch in Arkansas (USA): Mt. Nebo.

Prior to October 1991, it was possible for a hang glider pilot with 2 hours total air time and 20 mountain flights to fly with the best pilots at the best site in Arkansas. Mt. Nebo was a great place for these pilots because of the launches, the landing fields and the pilots available to mentor them. That changed when the USHPA changed the requirements to get an Intermediate hang glider pilot rating from 2 hours to 10 hours. The change was intended to reduce the number of pilots being injured due to flying in conditions they could not handle. Unfortunately, it also meant that these pilots would be unable to fly in conditions they could easily handle, if a site was labeled as a hang 3 site.

Other sites have solved this problem by implementing programs which allow the novice pilot to fly under the direction of a mentor. That is being proposed for Mt. Nebo too. Please go to the web site to understand the challenges being faced, the solutions being proposed and to offer suggestions of your own.

Good luck!

Posted: Fri, Nov 11 2011, 10:00:48 am
by Blindrodie
I flew off Pipeline and Short as a newbie with "minutes" not hours. I was not willing to risk Nebo or Mag at that time. I was flying a WW F1 195. I would still be concerned about flying Mag with a F1 195 even today. I have not been to Nebo since 1998/99 but at that time it was beyond my abilities as a low timer pilot. In Oklahoma the launches are rated H3 unless one has a Mentor or their instructor with them. This seems to me, the best way to get low time pilots off controlled sites. Cool

Glide to LZ is not an issue

Posted: Fri, Nov 11 2011, 01:01:16 pm
by Teachtofly
I fly a falcon 2 most of the time and am careful to pick the conditions that I fly in. I believe that you would be less concerned about making the glide to the LZ if you saw someone fly just before you and reach the LZ with hundreds of feet to spare. I have flown in the middle of the day and found sink that concerned me but never early in the morning. I invite you to come to
Arkansas and experience the early morning or late evening conditions that Mt. Nebo has to offer. You will immediately see how different it is from middle of the day conditions. One of our newest hang 3 pilots flies a single surface target and landed at both Mag and Nebo with lots of altitude to spare recently.

Posted: Fri, Nov 11 2011, 02:42:58 pm
by Blindrodie
This is great to hear and to be honest I've avoided the Arkansas sites as I obtained my experience. I fly a U2 now so I'll admit I would not be very nervous about flying there now. Also the Oklahoma sites were just too easy and required only a 5 hour drive time. Back before the highways were as they are now, Russelville was 7.5 hours from me. That's 2.5 hours past my "roadtrip" drive limit. Now with the highways the way they are it looks life a Mag/Nebo run is within reach.

Again, I wish you the best of luck. With Phil Morgan working on your behalf you are in good hands! hope to fly with you down there one day. Cool

2012 proposal is rejected

Posted: Mon, May 14 2012, 06:58:11 pm
by Teachtofly
The latest revision of the H2 proposal for Mt. Nebo was rejected by the club at the annual meeting held on May 12, 2012. It was modified from the previous proposal in that 10 hours of solo airtime would be required which is the same as for an H3 sign off. I am not sure what the next step is. I am not giving up.