Changes Coming to the Oz Report

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The Oz Report
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Changes Coming to the Oz Report

Post by The Oz Report »

Moving to a new server and to Facebook

Over the weekend Scare moved the Oz Report to a new server (keeping it also going on the old one at PAIR for a while). Scare has direct access to this server and it is where he hosts other accounts. There were a few minor glitches, but it seems to work now with a little manual help from Scare (moving over pictures).

The PAIR server will still be operating through December and then the Oz Report will no longer be up on PAIR, but just on the new host.

This is in anticipation of focusing the Oz Report on its Facebook page. That basically means that at least starting in January there won't be five days a week emails coming out from the Oz Report. Also the Oz Report on the new server won't be updated. All new updates will happen on the Oz Report on Facebook.

I've been running the Oz Report on Facebook for a couple of years now and it has been more and more the case that I am curating (collecting) content from Facebook instead of receiving content by email. This is how pilots are communicating now.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the push of email goes away with Facebook. The upside is that is is much easier for me to share content and I get a lot more feedback. So we'll see what the future brings.

The Oz Report forum is still operational, as are the classified ads.

We won't we asking for donations in the future as the costs of the new server are greatly reduced (due to the reduced server load).

Feel free to respond or comment.

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Andrew Vanis
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Post by Andrew Vanis »

am sad.

Don't like FB and actively stay away from it.

Practically the reply to post and having to expand each one is tiresome and causes lost info.

The data shows FB is the leader in all ages it seems ... ial-media/
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Post by Davis »

I am aware of all that. You will be a loser when it comes to the next evolution of the Oz Report.
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Post by Col.r »

Since i "do" face book i have been reading your fb page. It looks popular and liked by the people there already.
So, lock,stock and barrel will all "go" over there?
Good luck with the forced evolution, hopefully everyone can get on board
I will try not to be the first to go stand in the corner, ( off topic )..
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Post by BilleFly »

Davis wrote: ...
You will be a loser when it comes to the next evolution of the Oz Report.
I have enjoyed Oz, for a bunch of years !

When you move completely to Face-Funk; i'll be Bailing out .

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Post by Gary »

As, you know, I've been here for as long as I can remember. Pre-internet I had a CompuServe account (I actually was a Dec field engineer working on the mainframes that hosted it.) I've had my own mail server for years. I remember the 'big' hg yahoo list, and the sometimes caustic back and forth. I am not on Facebook. I am not going to say never, but I have resisted the urge for some years now. There are several content sources that I am aware of, that I would have interest in and are only available through Facebook / Instagram, but so far they haven't compelled me to make the leap.

It is not helping that in recent times, it's become clear that there are huge societal downsides to the way those platforms funnel 'information' to users. I am not so much worried about my sanity, as wondering how to NOT support that functionality.

I get wanting to reduce your workload and costs. So, we'll see. Maybe OzRep pushes me over the top, or not.
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OZ Report Changes

Post by AlanC »

Will the main page "" with a list of articles continue? I suspect not from the announcement, though it seems it would be easy enough to script a copy of items each day to a blog style site for the non-FB'ers?

As the forum and marketplace are continuing anyway, there should be minimal cost and it would keep a lot of folks who avoid FB happy(ier).

- Alan
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Post by Davis »

Hi Alan, We would love to continue the Oz Report as is. We may be able to do that. We are working on it. The main obstacle is getting Oz Report FB posts out of FB and onto our Oz Report server. At the moment that is all manual and a pain. Any ideas?
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Harry Martin
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Post by Harry Martin »

I know the feeling. Getting a cartoon idea downloaded from my aging brain to paper is manual and a real pain.
Casper, Wyoming
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Post by Plummet »

Well I think Davis has hit the nail on the head for FB.

It has the most infuriating and inflexible interface, which seems to have been designed by kids straight out of college. Drives me insane.

I can't understand how, given the data manipulation possibilities of computers, someone can design something so opaque. And I speak as a PC software developer since 1984, although I had my first programming job in 1967!

Personally I have no intention of subscribing to that kind of platform, just because the rest of the world thinks it's cool. I know it's supposed to be a great medium for communication but all the folk I know who are on FB now seem to be incapable of communicating any other way, like actually writing a personal email to another individual! Any visits to FB (public pages) by me are as brief as possible ... so count me out of the Oz Report (after ~20 years) if that is the only option - sorry.

BTW - as of a few days I get "404" errors and this message "The requested URL was not found on this server" for Oz Report daily listings.

Has it gone already?

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