New Out and Return World Record

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New Out and Return World Record

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222.22 miles or 357.6 km

Owen Morse goes 5 kilometers further than Tomas Wesienberger's out and return record in Chile.

Tom's records:[0]=field_record_sport:2026&f[1]=field_type_of_record:258&f[2]=field_subclass:229

World Out-and-return distance 353 km 03 Nov 2013 ratified - current record

World Free out-and-return distance 339,9 km 27 Oct 2013 ratified - current record

Video of landing:">

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I calculate:

That is the distance to the out point. Double that distance gives you 359.22 km or 223.21 miles.

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Owen Morse?

Post by AlanC »

The article doesn't seem to name the pilot. Is that Owen Morse?

Huge flight! You've been watching the conditions there for ages. Skill AND preparation.

Great job!

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Post by Davis »

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Re: Owen Morse?

Post by BilleFly »

AlanC wrote: ... Is that Owen Morse?


Yea, that is Owen Morse ; he's one of the Coolest guys on the planet !!

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Pat Halfhill
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that is one incredible flight!
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Post by Martin »

Nice to see the old school and notorious Owens Valley come back onto the record's scene. Conjures up the old names of George Worthington and the early record chasers in our sport. Back when men were men... not like these slipper wearing sissy aero-tow, winch me up flat lander's

Anybody know if the pilot is actually making a claim? Was this a declared distance or a free distance?

Tried the FAI link above but it just takes you to a somewhat dysfunctional search engine. The link to the animation is nice (does anybody have a link to and OLC IGC file?) but the video links to F-Book so it was a dead end for me.


Obviously... I should read the news first !
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