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At the moment, predicting more of everything..

Posted: Sun, May 03 2020, 07:49:43 am
by Col.r
Since now officially our Australian cyclone/hurricane/typhoon season has finished April 30 , I wondered how was it rated? Our official Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) rated this season gone, as below average, with also the second latest start ever. Luckily/finally, for us southern states, in late January, we had a slow moving trough from a tropical low over the Gulf of Carpentaria, streching across to the South Pacific Ocean.(Off my Northern NSW coast). ( this low would stay up north to become cyclone Damien off the NW coast).

This slow moving trough/thunderstorms and record rainfall, finally ended Queenslands drought, our fires and drought here too, in Northern NSW (half a years rain in 6weeks!). This became the moist trigger for further inland troughs/storms , to finally put out nearly all the states fires and break the back of a crushing drought.

I started wondering then about predictions for the coming summer in North America, i thought these sites maybe relevant?

I see your Department Of Atmospheric Science At Colorado State University are predicting an above average hurricane season for the Atlantic coast. ... 020-04.pdf

Very sobering reading about tornados world wide on Wiki (not many here in OZ thank goodness), however the unique topography of the continental USA, makes it the worlds tornado capital and with South America having its own terrible "tornado alley", is the worlds second capital. Canada too has its share.. I see tornados can happen anytime but March-November is usual ( if that word can still be said about the weather?).

AccuWeathers tornado forecast 2020. ... ast/684984

Nobody wants wild weather and I wish all good luck with what ever nature gives us all-maybe good flying too as we ease out of isolation. Here's one of my favourite storm videos- perhaps some may share my passion for watching time-lapse storm videos.