The Manilla XC-Camp

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The Manilla XC-Camp

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Flying together on your own at Godfrey's 40 44.88 S,150 36 31.33 E,Mt Borah, Manilla, Australia">" alt="30 40 44.88 S,150 36 31.33 E,Mt Borah, Manilla, Australia">( 40 44.88 S,150 36 31.33 E,Mt Borah, Manilla, Australia" target="_new" style="text-decoration:none">Mt Borah, Manilla, Australia

The 2011 Manilla XC-Camp:

You can register for the 2011 Manilla XC-Camp and don't have to pay any entry fee! We will add some spice to this first Manilla XC-Camp and give all pilots who register free of charge scoring. The scoring will be online scoring, similar to many Online Contests, but with the difference that only flights of registered pilots who fly from Mt. Borah during these 11 days of the 2011 Manilla XC-Camp will be scored. Upload your flight to the online scoring website and you will immediately see it in the preliminary results of the day!

What is the difference between a competition and the Manilla XC-Camp? In the Manilla XC-Camp there is no competition director, no sign-in or sign-out and no stopping of a flying day. You and your retrieve team are entirely responsible for yourself and for your safety, like always when you fly Cross Country.

It's on now.

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This XC Open and their XC Camp is well worth in depth study time. (Details noted elsewhere here on the Oz Report.)

290 Pilots are Registered for the season of XCO's..they attend various comps..not all go to each one.

75 are here downloading by GPS to the Manilla Results page says Godfrey.
- The XC-Camp url is misleading.


Hmmm. Never the less: Just maybe they're onto something here. PG Forum background information and daily updates Here.

XContest has a similar idea with their X-Camp.
= the difference being XContest includes Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Tutorial: How to use the XC-Open Online Scoring


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Open to All

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And to add any more anyone banned from the mountain this time?'s almost like flying.
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