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Aaron S wrote:
ACLaversa wrote:I found this to be very important to my understanding of flight and the lessons learned from it will help me to conceptualize many aspects of my future endeavors. For those that still use the Bernoulli Principle as their foundation of understanding I urge you to read this...

The article linked was written by David Anderson, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and Scott Eberhardt, formerly of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, now at the Boeing Company. The authors have written an updated copy of this article and provide it for all to use (Posted below). The article is copyrighted by the authors and by Sport Aviation magazine in which this article appeared in February, 1999. More can be found in their book, Understanding Flight.
The attachment comes up as corrupted and won't open.
I am sorry for that, for a direct link to the full PDF please go to:

Or for the "unrevised version", with fewer visual references go to:
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You might also want to read Aerodynamics for naval aviators. ... 156027140X
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aerodynamics recommendations

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I really like this website: "See How It Flies" by John S Denker

Most of it is for airplanes but see the parts about Bernoulli, Newton, etc

This page explains why a rolling motion automatically creates an adverse yaw torque, regardless of the details of exacly how the control surface, billow shift, or weight-shift is operating:

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators is really good too. One graph in the there really clarified for me, why we have more anhedral effect when we pull in the bar to put the wing at a low angle-of-attack.

Most of this is pretty far above the head of the average just-want-to-learn-to-fly guy though.

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Re: aerodynamics recommendations

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Aeroexperiments wrote:
Most of this is pretty far above the head of the average just-want-to-learn-to-fly guy though.

One thing that I'd like to figure out is if there's a way to get a full listing of the randomly generated links that show up in the bottom corners of the forum. Clicking refresh to get a new link seems like hit or miss. Is there a way to just get all the links at one time?

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