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Boise's Ann Morrison Park Sundial

Posted: Wed, Aug 12 2020, 07:28:40 pm
by Magentabluesky

This highly accurate Analemmic Equatorial Sundial is located in Ann Morrison Park, your home town of Boise. I was wondering if you had any first hand experiences with the Sundial Sculpture?
Pete Swanstrom wrote:I placed this Stainless Steel 6'w x 4'h x 4'd Sundial Sculpture (110k.jpg) in Boise's Ann Morrison Park in 1998. Materials and labor for this sundial were donated by JST Manufacturing Inc. I really like this design for its simplicity, and because it visually demonstrates very clearly the apparent motion of the sun "about" the earth throughout the day and the year. It indicates the time to within less than a minute, the date to within the day and it also adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.

Posted: Wed, Aug 12 2020, 08:28:33 pm
by Davis
I go through the park often, like today. I'll check this out.

Posted: Wed, Aug 12 2020, 09:24:48 pm
by Magentabluesky