"Other nations look at us with derision or pity."

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It's quite obvious that some OR contributors (both inside and outside the USA) are getting their "news" and spin from only one biased agenda-driven propaganda pump.
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The USA has been stuck in its rut for many years- most people overseas can see it- the ones pushing the cart out certainly know it-- the political classes sitting in the seats and waving their whips don't care...
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From deep inside the United States comes…

Post by Blindrodie »


Rose colored glasses you say? I'll go with the truth, borne out of the last 50 years of my life, thanks. No hard feelings. I've kept my nose to the grindstone and worked hard for what little I have and I don't want for much. What I have was hard earned. I pay my taxes and then pay a little more to help out where I can. Life in the US is a wonderful thing, but it took a lot to make it work in my favor. Favor, something I really never got from the RWR. Maybe I didn't deserve it! At least now I can lay back and watch it all unfold underneath my wings...

Here's hoping everyone can feel the same about their lives one day, no matter what the situation. The worst part for me is that I can not travel around the world to meet all you other awesome people/pilots. Sitting around the campfire with you after a good flying day would be pure joy!


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Why are some people overseas obsessed with the USA? Could it be partly due to jealousy, combined with the fake news bombardment they suffer?
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The US had in the past been a powerful force for democracy and human dignity. That's why other people cared about what was happening here. It affected them personally. Now, the disaster that is American leadership is just a comic sideshow. We have been traveling across the US for the last seven days. The country is still there and there is lots of beauty and goodness here down at the level where people actually live.
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When one troll departs the scene there's always another one ready to step up to the plate. Dudes like this are what frequently makes Internet forums so unpleasant.
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