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by jnagyvary
Thu, Jun 30 2005, 04:37:35 pm
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Topic: FootLaunch in SW Texas
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Dave at Leakey

Sam, thanks for the report. I'm glad to see that hippy longstocking got a good flight : ) Not bad potential for a 3 or 400ft hill.
by jnagyvary
Tue, Jun 07 2005, 02:30:34 pm
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Topic: Wild ass paraglider pilots
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Guns & Flying

You may be thinking of the hangglider pilot that shot another HG pilot at horse canyon about 10yrs ago. The shooter went to jail on drugs and shooting charges, the shootee is ok and still flys in San Diego.
by jnagyvary
Wed, Mar 23 2005, 11:57:06 am
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Topic: Weight VS. Mass - What's the difference?
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Weight VS. Mass - What's the difference?

From the Oz reports source >> "The short answer is that there is often no difference. A common meaning of "weight" is "mass." While many people may commonly use these terms interchangeably, the long answer is there is a difference. An object that has a mass of 10Kg on earth ...