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by Doggie
Thu, Sep 09 2021, 04:52:06 pm
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: I really only love hang-gliding..
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Re: I really only love hang-gliding..

I really only love hang gliding as well young Colin. And as you know, I fly lots of stuff. My attraction to PG was primarily due to the ease of travel with said “bag of laundry”. They are quite different to fly compared to a HG, and I can’t say I love ram air flight just yet, but it’s not bad. After...
by Doggie
Wed, Apr 01 2020, 03:34:42 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Should we be hanggliding during this crisis
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Should we be flying??

My club here in Aust- Northern Rivers HGPG Club , the executive has closed all club controlled sites today. Just over the border into Qld ( which is closed now to tourists) the biggest hg/pg club in Qld has requested no flying at their sites, and if you must, no xc and land only in the lzs.. If the...