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by winDfried
Thu, Jun 03 2021, 03:59:33 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Crestline pilots Party 2021
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Crestline pilots Party 2021

It's not only Jamie, who liked flying there.
Also Saras wrapup on Instagram gives a sweet flavour,
of how it felt to fly there. ... =copy_link
HG Comps are for pilots, not for life tracking spectators.
by winDfried
Mon, Jan 11 2021, 01:16:22 pm
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Camera On, Pilot Not
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Andrew Vanis wrote:anyone else notice the model of the glider ;-)
I shouldn't be smug, all of us are available to make a mistake
Glider is a master, the pilot not so
and neither his launch assistants ...
by winDfried
Fri, May 31 2019, 01:58:20 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Aluminum
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Harder and lighter

When will I get to buy the first HG with a Titanium frame?
by winDfried
Fri, May 31 2019, 01:52:43 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Europe, water logged?
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Its only the Alpes

Sorry, I like reading the Ozreport even if polarizing headlines may occur. But this one made me ROTFL, because it's so obviously plain wrong. Of course with a few checks in the calendar for comp events you don't get in the air much. But with a little bit of flexibility, the last weeks have been high...
by winDfried
Tue, Mar 22 2016, 05:41:13 pm
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: What Helmet Do You Use?
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helmet experiences

I fly now with an Icaro 4 fight cut. I want chin protection, and I need a face shield to keep my eyes from getting inflamed. It is loud, but I still can hear my vario. I much more liked my Chaly No Limits. It some how fits better to my melon. But it is gone, since it saved my life when I crushed hea...
by winDfried
Thu, Jan 28 2016, 02:50:45 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Seed....
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The first battle in the awaited "war of survival" of hang gliding manufacturers has started: ... ports-gmbh

Hopefully two or three reliable manufacturers will remain till the end of my HG flying carreer.
CU, W.
by winDfried
Fri, Jan 22 2016, 11:13:06 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: The CIVL Plenary at the sport class definition
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Re: The CIVL Plenary at the sport class definition

You ask <i>Who cares?</i> I am quite sure, the current "sport class world champions", their sponsors and manufacturers do: [Mario Alonzi (FRA), Piero Zin (FRA) & Balazs ...
by winDfried
Mon, Dec 14 2015, 08:41:18 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Gliders flown from K2 and Everest
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If I look into this documentation:

It might have been some UP Comet or fullow ups.
UP logos, double sail gliders, Pilot Loop in front of or after trapez, severe yawing around,
"good old" 1980ies Technology...
Interesting Topic!
by winDfried
Fri, Jun 12 2015, 04:59:15 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Not happy at Lookout
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Health issues ?

Why would you even post this? &acirc;&euro;&brvbar; Veterans with Agent Orange Dioxin chronic intoxication consequences &acirc;&euro;&brvbar; &acirc;&euro;&brvbar;What did you do for this country Billo? &acirc;&euro;&brvbar; ( italics entered by me) D...
by winDfried
Wed, Aug 20 2014, 09:03:14 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Short Pack
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Re: Short Pack

&acirc;&euro;&brvbar; BAUTEC, &acirc;&euro;&brvbar; As the german manufacturer Baute k is mentioned in the article: The bow sprit gliders from them, current model "Astir", are comfortably shortpackable to 3 m. No crossbar, leading edges separable at two sites, no s...