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by Soaraholic
Fri, Jul 30 2021, 08:03:08 am
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Topic: Health Care
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Re: Health Care

With regards to prostate health I read a brochure on the subject while sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office. What I'm about to share is not a joke. It recommended frequent masturbation. Apparently prostate health is related to regular ejaculation. We all know sexual activity tends to wan...
by Soaraholic
Fri, May 30 2008, 08:44:11 am
Forum: Hang Gliding
Topic: Stop crushing your glider
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Stop crushing your glider

Wide straps sound like a good idea unless they're too expensive. Though I haven't seen any damage to my glider from the inch wide straps I use. I go to the extreme of putting a padded board between my roof racks to support the glider so I don't have to tie it down too tightly in the first place.